Palliative Care

soins-palliatifs.jpgDo you plan to end your days peacefully at home ?

Do you feel that you have become a burden to your family ?

Groupe OptiNursing provides health care, pain control and symptom relief for aged or ill people at the end of their life in the comfort of their home, close to their families. The agency can also respond to urgent home requests within an hour.

Respect for your privacy

At the first evaluation meeting, we discuss a patient's condition at the end of life with the utmost respect. We want to avoid inappropriate intrusions in their private life; it helps the patient to accept outside help.

By treating your family members like our own, we provide health care respite to natural caregivers and generally improve their quality of life.

Our team of caregivers

Our agency will set up an appropriate nursing plan according to medical recommendations. Then it selects the most qualified nurses based on the health care needs of the patient. It can be a nurse, a nursing assistant, an attendant or a chaplain who oversees the spiritual needs of the patient.

Periodically, a coordinator makes supervisory visits to the home to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Have you thought about Housekeeping Assistance that would benefit your loved ones at the end of their lives ?