Companion Services

maintien-domicile.jpg Dare to dream! Dare to travel! Dare to see the world!

Are you a person with reduced mobility who wishes to travel? Would you like to go shopping, visiting friends, or even travel abroad?

Do you dream of beaches in the Caribbean, or to be at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, or to see the pyramids in Egypt?

Thanks to our companion services for disabled people or persons with reduced mobility, all your dreams can become reality. Our experienced team can handle the logistics and details for your travels.

We have experienced staff

We are aware that you have a physical disability, but for us, this is not an impediment to travel. This is what we do :

  • We help you choose the dream trip you want to make
  • Take into account specific needs related to your reduced mobility
  • Make special accommodation bookings for short hops to complex itineraries
  • Provide an experienced companion to tend to your special needs while traveling.

Whatever your needs, we provide all logistics and health care during your truly memorable trip in Canada or abroad.

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